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Planning Permissions for an Extension

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  • Planning Permissions for an Extension
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  • 20-05-2016
Planning Permissions for an Extension

Planning Permissions for an Extension

If you are planning on building an extension, you may need specific planning permissions. Let's take a closer look at what these permissions require.

Building an extension to your home can be very exciting. Always remember to consider the planning permissions that may be needed for your extension. An extension is normally allowed, provided that it adheres to the following limitations:

  • your extensions should not cover more than half of area around your house
  • you can build an extension forward that fronts a highway
  • your extensions can be hired as a new roof
  • single-storey extensions cannot extend beyond the rear of the house
  • the maximum height of an extension for the single-storey is 4m
  • if you build an extension larger than one story. It should not go beyond 3m of the original houses the wall.
  • If you're balding two-storey extension. It should not be close to 7 m to the boundary
  • the materials should be similar to your current house
  • no balconies are allowed
  • no side extensions are allowed on designated land

When referring to your original house, it refers to the house as it was first built. You may not have made any changes to the original house, but previous owners may have. It should be considered when you take a look at the above limitations for your extension. These limitations refer to houses and not flats. There is a separate list of requirements for flats.

For more information about home extensions, please contact our helpful team today. We will be happy to assist with your enquiry.