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Planning Permission For Extensions

If you are planning an extension on your home, you will need to know about the planning permission required. Find out below what planning permission is required for extensions?

Planning Permission For Extensions

What Planning Permission is required for Extensions?

Everyone planning to build a house in the UK has to follow various standards that are set by the government. One way to ensure that the builder or the homeowner is following the laws is through obtaining the approval documents.

Find out below whether your extension project requires planning permission.

Notice letter

Generally, there are three ways that one can use to acquire permission for building a unit in their land. The first method requires you to get a building notice. The home-builder usually issues the building notice to the government as a way of expressing their need or plan to build a home or an extension. 

The note has to contain all the information regarding the house which includes the design, location and the type of the house. From there, the council gives the go-ahead or advise to the builder if there are changes that require to be done on the house’s plan.

Full plan application

This includes all the documents and details about your house, and they are sent to the council as a way of notifying them that you are about to start with the construction. 

The documents have to be submitted earlier on since it can take up to five weeks before the council gives you a go ahead. Also, the plans of the house included on the documents require being clear and precise since the authorities will still send some officials for check up at the site.

An approved inspector

This is the method whereby the homeowners hire a person to investigate and follow up on the building of the extension instead of involving to the local council for approval. The inspector has to closely follow up with the continuation of the building to ensure that it complies with all the laws.

How Far Can You Extend Your House Without Planning Permission?

Determining how to build your extensions is not easy since there are laws that govern the building of these kinds of houses. 

It can take months or even years before you receive the plan permission for your project. Note that planning permission is not only for people who are building a new extension but they apply to all including those who want to make changes to their homes. 

This is something that you need to get before you start with the building process since failure to do so can cost you a lot. You may be required to undo the whole building that you had started building. But various factors can help you acquire extension plan permission with ease if they are found on your plan.

The following types of house extension will not require planning permission;

  • The extension plan is smaller than half the space surrounding the originally built house.
  • It will not be made in any area close to the highways. Such that, it should not be forward of the principal elevation or side elevation to the roads.
  •  The extension should not be higher than the roof of the current home.
  • If you are building a single store extension, make sure that it does not extend to the back area of the original home with 3 meters. This applies to the extensions that are being built close to the house.
  • If the extension is being made far away from the main house, then it should not exceed more than four meters away.
  • The height of the single expansion should not exceed four meters high while the width should be half the size of the original house.
  • If you are building double or more store, it should not extend three meters from the back of the original house.
  • Double extensions should not exceed more than 7 meters on the back side.
  • The building materials of the extension should match the original house.
  • The extension should not have other accessories such as corridors, balconies or any raised platform. If your plan has adhered to all the above rules, then you will e able to get your permission with ease and fast too.

Note that the above rules do not apply to all house designs and therefore, it is crucial that you check with your local authority to determine which rules apply for your preferred extension.