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New Dormer for a Loft Conversion

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  • New Dormer for a Loft Conversion
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  • 07-05-2016
New Dormer for a Loft Conversion

New Dormer for a Loft Conversion

Dormers are often constructed from wood. Let's take a closer look at the conversion process for a dormer into a loft area at home.

A dormer has several main parts, including the sidewalls, roof and front wall. The side walls can be supported in different ways. You can double the rafters and bolt them together. You can also take down the side walls to the floor and support them with floor joists.

You can have the front wall be supported by the external wall. It can also be supported with new floor joists which can be specifically designed to take their load. You should also consider constructing your dormer so that it offers resistance to fire. Especially to prevent the fire from spreading to a neighbour's property. This will depend on the size of the building and how close it is to the boundary. If you are not sure about the requirements, you can get a professional assessment.

If you want to install the roof light or window when you pull the new rule, sometimes you have to cut an opening. If you have an opening, the remaining sections should be supported by the new dormer. You can also add support by installing additional timbers over the top.

It’s generally suggested that you strengthen both sides of the rafters if they are taking more load. There are a few elements that can help to form your new room. This includes walls, doors and floor beams.

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